About us

Belisama was founded late 2017 with high hopes and dreams to spread the unique allure of bohemian culture to people across the globe. The project was led by the creative visionary and interior design expert, Kim Fogarty. Unsatisfied with the generically available, cookie-cutter home goods product selection, Kim sent her eyes and ears everywhere to source the most uniquely hand-crafted eclectics available. Initially only using these ethnic finds to design her own home, after receiving overwhelmingly positive responses she decided to provide some of the gypsy culture she fell in love with to the general public.

By early 2018, destiny would find her opening the doors of Belisama for the first time. Located off the beaten trail in the historic district of Kansas City, the Midwest had never seen anything like it before. Not only did Belisama offer the products that encapsulated the spirit of creative freedom and cultural fluidity, but Kim used her degree and life-long experience in interior decorating to provide people with an experience that took all five senses to really appreciate. Immediately it become a tourist destination that garnished attention online and through word of mouth.

As the fall and winter of 2018 transitioned into the spring of 2019, the winds of change would fill the sails of Belisama- sending it in a new direction. Despite much public outcry, the location in which Belisama had blossomed from no longer was suitable for Kim's shop. Though grievous attempts were made to maintain residency there, zoning issues caused Belisama's physical location to be abandoned.

Late 2019 has brought good fortune to Belisama, and has allowed us to be featured in a new boutique! Located in Belton, Missouri, we're setting up in the Corner Boutique to show off some of our goods and wares. If you live in the KCMO area and want to visit then feel free to check out our "Location" tab to get directions to our physical address. If you're visiting our website from the rest of the world then don't worry, as of November 2019 we're launching our online shop in collaboration with Etsy. Check out our "Shop" tab to see what we have available online!

The future looks bright for Belisama, and none of it would have ever been possible without the help and continued support of people like you! So keep in touch, and keep an eye on our website if you're interested in joining us on this creative journey! We can't wait to see what happens next!


Kim Fogarty

Kim Fogarty was born and rasied in Kansas City, MO. After moving to Florida she met her loving husband, Bob Fogarty. She has two children. Kim has a Bachelor's Degree in Interior Decorating and has used it to share her love of art and culture to the world.